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News: 2020-22

The Covid years culminating in Fourum’s 50th Anniversary

15th  February 2020

A very warm welcome at All Saints Church Hall with a full house on Saturday night, despite the atrocious weather. The rain was so heavy that we could not bring our PA into the hall. To make things rather worse for us, Sandy had again lost his voice! Nevertheless the evening was a great success and a group of former pupils of ours (from 40 years ago!) were also there to chat with at the end. All in all, a memorable first concert of the year.

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The rest of 2020

Due to the Covid19 crisis all our remaining concerts for the year were cancelled!


As the lockdown continues and indoor events are not allowed Fourum continue to await the time when we can perform again in public. We cannot even rehearse yet…..

It is hoped that after June 21st we may begin to think about open-air concerts in Reeth - which were so popular in years gone by….


As of February 22nd Fourum will have completed 50 years of performing. All concerts this year will be regarded as 50th Anniversary concerts

18th March

Our first 50th Anniversary concert was held at St. Mary’s Church, Richmond. As the numbers in the audience were still limited by Covid restrictions there was a live feed on YouTube - another first for Fourum. All those who attended seemed to have a great time - as well as the 30-40 fans/friends who viewed the live feed on YouTube from as far afield as Abu Dhabi and Texas! It was so nice to receive such positive and appreciative comments, even after 50 years of performing!

1st  May

A special 1 hour afternoon performance in the Town Hall at Richmond, as part of the town’s musical weekend, was again well-received. It seemed fitting to perform Perse Brackenbury & Willy Vitty, as part of the song was set in the actual room in which we were singing (the old courthouse)!

10th June

Another wonderful afternoon at St. Mary’s Church, Langthwaite as part of the annual Swaledale Festival. As usual we all enjoyed the experience as much as the audience. An added bonus - Allen’s stepson, wife and granddaughter arrived from Texas the day before and were able to see Fourum live for the first time.