Sandy Still

Rod Hall

Allen Miller

Jim Jack


       The Dales Collection - 3 CD Set - Released November 2011

               Edited and Remastered by Ron Angus, Studio One, Durham



Disc One   Around Richmond

 1  Potter Thompson (Allen Miller)

 2  Willance’s Leap (Allen Miller)

 3  The Explosion in Richmond Marketplace (Allen Miller)

 4  Stubbs The Bellman (Allen Miller)

 5  Richmond Races (Allen Miller)

 6  Silver Spear (Traditional)

 7  The Swaledale Song (Allen Miller)

 8  The Drummer Boy of Richmond (Allen Miller)

 9  Perse Brackenberry and Willy Vitty  (Allen Miller)

 10 Richmond Market in 1830 (Allen Miller)

 11 The Rokeby Sow (Allen Miller)

 12 Swaledale Air (Allen Miller)

 13 The Richmond Theatre Royal (Allen Miller)

 14 Henry Jenkins (Allen Miller)

Disc Two  Around Swaledale

 1  The Making of Swaledale(Allen Miller)

 2  Isabella Beaufort (Allen Miller)

 3  Around Reeth Green (Allen Miller)

 4  Striving Needles (Allen Miller)

 5  The Corpse Way (Allen Miller)

 6  Adam Barker’s Fine (Allen Miller)

 7  Neddy Dick (Allen Miller)

 8  Jaggers (Allen Miller)

 9  The Loyal Dales Volunteers (Allen Miller)

 10 Farewell to The Old Gang (Allen Miller)

 11 The Surrender Smelters’ Song (Allen Miller)

 12 Leaving For America (Allen Miller)

 13 The Corpse Way Jig(Allen Miller : arr. Rod Hall)

 14 Gunnerside Gill Remembered (Allen Miller)

Disc Three - Swaledale and Beyond

 1  The Gamekeeper (Allen Miller)

 2  Askrigg Fair (Allen Miller)

 3  The Chapel at Keld (Allen Miller)

 4  Kisdon Foss (Allen Miller)

 5  The Still at Brignall Mill (Allen Miller)

 6  Hannah Hauxwell (Allen Miller)

 7  Polkas (Traditional)

 8  The Duke of Cumberland (Allen Miller)

 9  The Hawes Railway Disaster (Allen Miller)

 10 Census 1851 (Allen Miller)

 11 James Broderick’s Funeral (Allen Miller)

 12 Dead Man’s Hill (Allen Miller)

 13 The Corpse Way Instrumental (Allen Miller : arr. Rod Hall)

 14 Semerwater (Allen Miller)

 15 Hand of Glory (Allen Miller)

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