Sandy Still

Rod Hall

Allen Miller

Jim Jack


 Side 1

 1  Twa Recruitin’ Sergeants (Traditional)

 2  Herring’s Head (Traditional)

 3  The Swaledale Song (Allen Miller)

 4  Sally Gee (Traditional)

 5  Village Fool (Bernie Parry)

 6  Neddy Dick (Allen Miller)

 7  The Duke of Cumberland (Allen Miller)

 8  Gunnerside Gill - Remembered (Allen Miller)

 9  Muckspreader (Lawrence)

 Side 2

 1  The Corpse Way (Allen Miller)

 2  Census 1851 (Allen Miller)

 3  Fiddlers’ Green (Bernie Parry)

 4  Geordie’s Penka (Traditional)

 5  The Drummer Boy of Richmond   (Allen Miller)

 6  The Execution of Montrose (W.Aytoun)

 7  Sammy Bell (Alex Glasgow)

 8  Mingulay Boat Song (Traditional)

Folk with Fourum: In Concert released as Cassette in 1987

  Recorded live at Hummersknott School, Darlington, Co.Durham

                      Producer/Engineer: Terry Gavaghan

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