Sandy Still

Rod Hall

Allen Miller

Jim Jack


 Side 1

 1  Broadside Man  (J. Connolly)

 2  The Chapel at Keld (Allen Miller)

 3  The Balena (Unknown)

 4  Dead Man’s Hill (Allen Miller)

 5  Staten Island/John Brennan (Traditional)

 6  Census 1851 (Allen Miller)

 7  The Hartlepool Monkey (A.Wilkinson)

 Side 2

 1  Askrigg Fair (The Scots Lord) (Allen Miller)

 2  Bright Shines the Moon (Traditional)

 3  Song to Hannah Hauxwell  (Allen Miller)

 4  The Shores of Old Blighty (G.Miles)

 5  Semerwater (Allen Miller)

 6  Sweeney’s Polkas (Traditional)

 7  Gunnerside Gill - Remembered (Allen Miller)

Gunnerside Fill - Remembered released as LP/Cassette in 1979

               Recorded at Guardian Studios, Pity Me, Co.Durham

               Producer/Engineer: Terry Gavaghan

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